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New training in Advanced Grid Code Compliance with DIgSILENT GridCode
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Publicado el 28 de Febrero de 2018

DIgSILENT Ibérica has released a new training course in Advanced Grid Code Compliance with DIgSILENT GridCode. The purpose of this training is to introduce the basic principles of the DIgSILENT GridCode program. The attendants will learn the state-of-the-art of grid codes in the world and how to understand and read into requirements. An overview of the most popular testing procedures, measurement techniques, signal processing methods, verification and validation procedures, will introduce the students of the training into the scope of the software.

DIgSILENT PowerFactory will be used to generate signals for their processing and analysis with DIgSILENT GridCode.

The training course will be in English and it will consist of two sessions during April 16th and 17th, 2018. The training will take place in Madrid.

To register for this training course, click here.

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